No dialogues in Karthik Subbaraj’s next “Escape”

Director Karthik Subbaraj’s Benchflix has been a great platforms for short filmmakers to showcase their talent. From the stable of Benchflix comes an interesting shortfilm titled ‘Escape’ which has no dialogues

Finding out the artistic talents in young filmmakers and bringing them to the limelight is becoming the constant mantra of Benchflix which is considered to be one of the leading short film promoters in South India. Benchflix has now released their next shortfilm ‘ESCAPE’ which is directed by Jagadeesh Pandiyan

“Set in a foreign backdrop, thirteen minutes shortfilm ‘ESCAPE’ is perfectly sculptured without a single dialogue. It is a must to say that the music director Timothy Buckman and Cinematographer Seth Pandiyan added more beauty to this dialogue less film ‘ESCAPE’. You might be a stranger but you could be a part of the most intimate moment of someone else’s life is the one line story”