Idam Jagath Latest Telugu Film Review:

Sumanth’s latest outing Idam Jagath, a complete suspense crime thriller is directed  by Anil Srikantham and is now in cinemas. Anju Kurien of Premam fame is paired up with Sumanth. Let’s get into the story and discuss various aspects of the film.


Nishith (Sumanth) after many job trails; he gets appointed as a freelancer reporter. He risks his life and shoot’s the incidents that happen in night and sells the footage to the channels and earns money. Mahathi (Anju Kurien) enters his life during this phase and he doesn’t reveal about his job. Thereafter, one day Nishith shoots a murder that happened on road. He decides to earn more money by selling this footage. Here comes the twist in the tale, Mahati gets distanced with Mahati because of that footage. The rest of the story is how he tackles the hurdles and gets things to normal.

Plus points:

Sumanth’s performance


Minus points



Hero Sumanth from his career beginning did a lot of different roles and achieved huge recognition. Idam Jagath, a crime thriller in which hero Sumanth has done total justice to his role.But the film lacks intriguing scenes and couldn’t create suspense among audience. Despite knowing that Nishith has the evidence, the villan doesn’t give any attention till the climax. In the same way, there are many logic less scenes, due to which the film seems to run slowly. Sri Charan Pakala’s music is definitely a plus point to Idam Jagath. The background score by Charan elevated the scenes. Overall, the film Idam Jagath would be surely enjoyed by crime thriller lovers.

Rating : 3/5

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